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The WriteHer List


The WriteHer List is anchored in shining a light on talented female writers and the diverse, compelling, original stories they have to tell. Every year we are honored to curate a range of voices reflecting the rich perspectives that make up our human experiences. We are in a watershed moment for women in Hollywood, and there is still a lot of work to do to reach gender-balanced television. 

Writers showcased on our annual WriteHer List get staffed, have pilots optioned, secure new representation and set up deals at networks.  Sourced from industry executive favorites, the WriteHer List showcases writers from different levels of industry experience.


WeForShe is a is a women’s advocacy group that finds practical ways to bring about

a gender-balanced landscape in television.

Utilizing our two flagship programs (the WriteHer List and the DirectHer Program)

we give industry content creators and decision makers the tools they need to

increase the number of women working in entertainment.


“I was very honored to receive a WriteHer award for my unproduced pilot. I was amazed, however, when VH1 contacted me to buy the pilot because it was brought to their attention when Maggie Malina read the list. There is so much good work by women out there going unproduced just because it isn’t on anyone’s radar, so I’m so grateful for the existence of WeForShe.”

-Kristin Newman

2015 WriteHer List honoree

EP, The Muppets

"WeForShe is moving women forward, amplifying their voices, and recognizing their talent for creating stories on the page and behind the camera. They don't just talk about equality, they take practical steps every day to get women hired. In an industry undergoing so much change, WeForShe stays focused on the goal that women should represent 50% of the entertainment industry's workforce. That's more than activism... that's heroism."

– Joy Blake

Supervising Producer, Outlander

“It's through WeForShe's WriteHer List that my work finally got in the right hands and helped me land representation and employment. I'm so grateful for WeForShe's persistence in bridging the gender gap, shining a light on otherwise unseen female talent, and building a community of storytellers and execs who believe in fostering diversity in entertainment both on and offscreen." - Jenny Lynn

writer, Iron Fist 

“The WriteHer List is the place to go to find strong writers who are ready to staff. They’ve learned their craft, developed original voices, and can contribute to any writers room in town.”

- Glen Mazzara

EP The Dark Tower, Walking Dead


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