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WeForShe's annual WriteHer List is focused on bringing deserved attention to talented female writers and the compelling, original and diverse stories they have to tell. Approximately 125 women have been featured on our annual list, which has led to these writers finding passionate representation, being staffed, and placed into development deals. We are also very proud to have featured scripts now on the small screen!

Thank you to our incredible partners and advisors. This was another year of record-breaking nominations and we couldn't do it without the executives and creators who donate their time to help build the list. 

As we continue our goal towards gender-balanced television, we wish a most hearty congratulations to our WriteHer List Honorees!

It is our honor to announce the 2020 WriteHer List! 

Listed in alphabetical order.

  The 2020 WriteHer List 


 By Eva Ordaz 


A upstairs/downstairs procedural soap about Angelica, a Latina lawyer from the wrong side of the Los Angeles River who defied all odds to get where she is today – that is she is about to start her dream job in a BigLaw law firm and finally reap the rewards of years of planning, sacrifice and hard work.

Contact: Andrea Simon, Andrea Simon Entertainment and Vern Co, The Gersh Agency

Genre: Hour


 By Andrea Janakas 


Alternating between the before and after of a school shooting, BLISS confronts the painful truths of a small Texas town when the news cameras are gone but the echoes of gunshots linger. It’s not a story about gun reform or politics, it’s a story about a mother’s love and letting go.  Adapted from the novel “Oliver Loving” by Stefan Merrill Block.

Contact: Jennifer Good, Paradigm and Manager, Seth Nagel 

Genre: Hour 



 By Erin Fischer 


When a seemingly average woman discovers she has magical powers and could have lived out her childhood as a chosen hero, she must face the responsibility of defeating evil, as a cynical adult.

Contact: Molly Hurwitz, Zero Gravity Management

Genre: Half Hour


 By Liz Vassey 


A dark comedy centering on Marigold Kemp, the black sheep of a “perfect” Southern family, who ends up in a coma after a mysterious car accident with a famous NFL player and is instantly catapulted to ridiculous levels of fame as #COMAGIRL. The crash investigation shines a spotlight on the entire Kemp family and, unaware that Marigold can hear everything, secrets spill as they get real with each other for the first time ever. Ultimately, this is a show about the irony of a family “getting woke” by one of them being deeply asleep.

Contact: Andy Cohen, Grade A Entertainment

Genre: Hour 



 By Crystal Jenkins 


After years of burying her feelings, April, a successful celebrity stylist, is finally ready to go to therapy and unpack the many relationship aversions she developed thanks to her absent, unreliable father. But, when her father resurfaces, fresh out of rehab, April must decide where to draw the line.

Contact: Tracey Murray, Industry Entertainment

Genre: Half Hour


 By Sarah Sellman 


Based on true events, Cottonwood chronicles the lives of several diverse teenagers coming of age in rural 1960’s Colorado as they unravel the secrets behind an unexpected violence: a series of gruesome and unexplained livestock mutilations.  

Contact: David Baggelaar, Good Fear

Genre: Hour


 By Iram Parveen Bilal 


Detained is a thriller drama series about ICE (immigration) detentions and the ensuing connection that builds between two families, a Pakistani and a Mexican family, resisting and fighting for justice as their family members are suddenly and illegally detained.

Contact: Brendan Bragg, Haven Entertainment

Genre: Hour


 By Brandi Sperry 


Returning to boarding school following a tragedy the previous term, a grieving teenage girl navigates a rift with her best friends as she forms a new and unsettling relationship with a former student -- one who died there fifty years earlier, in an unsolved murder.


Genre: Hour


 By Rae Binstock 


A successful New York doctor returns to her rural roots after the death of her estranged mother, only to discover her mother’s role in a new underground railroad for undocumented immigrants.

Contact: Zac Simmons & Allison Schwartz, Paradigm and

Jacqueline Mosher, Rain Management Group

Genre: Hour 


 By Colleen Scriven 


A dark comedy about a teenager in Oklahoma who fakes an immaculate conception to crowdfund her abortion.

Contact: Greg Walter, 3 Arts Entertainment

Genre: Half Hour


 By Hennah Sekandary 


Michelle Reeves, a mitigation specialist with a flawless record for helping spare the lives of death row inmates, returns to her hometown of Jacksonville, Florida to uncover the truth about a former classmate who's been accused of murdering her own child. As pressure mounts and a media frenzy unfolds, these two women confront a shared history that compromises Michelle's role and could have devastating costs to the case. 

Contact: Jairo Alvarado, Circle of Confusion

Genre: Hour


 By Kristen Zublin 


Corey, Ria and Sara are best friends. Nothing could possibly come between them. That is until one of them starts dating a literal cockroach. 


Genre: Half Hour


 By Sarah Beckett 


A survivor of a violent crime-turned-vigilante killer finds solace playing bodies on crime TV shows. 

Contact: Chris Coggins, Heroes and Villains Entertainment

Genre: Hour


 By Julia Keimach 

As WWII draws to a close and soldiers return home to a sleepy Louisiana town, a young woman finds she can no longer control her hidden supernatural abilities. As she struggles to keep them concealed from her paranoid neighbors, she'll discover that her powers may not be her most dangerous secret...


Genre: Hour 


 By Ashly Burch 


After mistakenly kidnapping a galactic senator, Hess Tallisen, a fame-crazed bounty hunter, is sent to the clink for 7 years. Upon her release, Hess discovers that she’s been completely forgotten, and to add insult to injury, she’s forced into a job as a space trash lady. Hess is hellbent on regaining her former glory, but to do it, she’ll have to team up with an annoying, aspergers-y inventor named Penny, and there’s an 80% chance they might kill each other before they even get to their first bounty.

Contact: Jennie Frisbie, Authentic Talent & Literary

Genre: Half Hour



 By Gillian Muller 


With as many regrets as they have accomplishments, four best friends wonder how they got to their 40s so fast; single and fine with that, Melanie, Bea, Maria, and Kameel have all reached the stage of their life when things should start to be easier. They're wrong.

Contact: Sohrab Merchant, The Characters Talent Agency

Genre: Half Hour


 By Crystal Garland 


A Black single mother, desperate for cash, is recruited to aid an underground radical network in 1980s South Carolina. 


Genre: Hour


 By Wei Ling Chang 


After losing her house and going bankrupt, Joy, an ex-beauty queen and single mother of three, sets her eyes on a local beauty contest that promises a large sum of prize money — money she plans to use to open up a pageant school. When she discovers that they’ve been cheated out of their winnings, she must do everything in her power to reverse their fortune and keep her family from becoming homeless.

Contact: Milorad Dragicevic, UTA and Josh McGuire, Underground

Genre: Hour


 By Ashley Burleson 


THE TITS is a 1/2 hour comedy from the POV of the person who loves someone with cancer, not the person with cancer. While cancer is a driving force within the story, TITS is essentially a love story between two grown ass sisters, Audrey and Julia, who can’t seem to get their shit together, dealing with their family who are all in the middle of their own mini-crisis and somehow finding a way to survive… each other. 

Contact: Courtney Conwell, Writ Large 

Genre: Half Hour



 By Puja Mohindra 


Shakti wants a family, but she has no partner and hardly any eggs. 

In spite of her pending spinsterhood, she pursues traditional values in nontraditional ways, discovering she can build a chosen family before a biological one; give birth to her dance dreams before an actual child; and become a Single Mom by Choice before becoming a wife. All her dreams are possible, just not in the order her traditional Indian family expects, much to their disapproval and confusion! 

Contact: Peter Principato & Brooke Shoemaker, Artists First 

Genre: Hour

 Ones to Watch 

Although there was not room for them on the list's 20 for 2020, the following unique voices and stories are presented for additional consideration.



 By Hannah Murphy 


When psychic-fraud Maria Higginbotham suddenly gets the powers she’s been faking for years, it seems like a pretty rad set-up...until she finds out she’s also doomed to an eternity of misery. Now with the help of her best friend, a seasoned TV Psychic, and a ghost, Maria will learn how to become a better person by helping the spirits and people that cross her path.

Genre: Half Hour


 By Anna Rubley & Shana Montanez 


Based on a true story, Millennial PI follows the lonely, racy experiences of a lesbian Latina Private Investigator, Stephanie Martinez. Watch as Stephanie navigates the craziness of her career, that “single life,” and her families f***ed up past, all told through her social media accounts… she’s a Millennial after all. #LivinHerBestLife(ish)

Contact: and

Genre: Half Hour


 By C. Quintana 


Invisible Lily explores a dystopian future in the wake of an American food shortage and subsequent ban on third children. This one-hour drama follows the Forstalls who find themselves caught up in a fight with the government to save their family.

Contact: Manal Hammad, Verve and Steven Selikoff, The Shuman Company

Genre: Hour 


 By Tess Gattuso 


A progressive college professor living with her wellness coach wife and adolescent son takes in her loud-mouthed, self-made father after he's charged with tax evasion. As he rebuilds his life while she’s still finding her own way, the two battle and bond over ambition, strong personal beliefs, and raising a family in the modern world.


Genre: Multi-cam Half Hour


 By Rebecca Rosenberg 


Olympic ice dancing champions Claire Winter and Ryan King retire from skating and are forced to confront what their lives look like without the pursuit of gold medals to drive them forward. As they search for meaning in training the next generation of skaters, Claire and Ryan find themselves asking if winning was worth the price.


Genre: Hour

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