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What is the DirectHer Program
Who is Eligable for the DirectHer Program
Marta Cunningham

Marta Cunningham


Valerie Weiss

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Vanessa Parise

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Maggie Kiley

Anya Adams

Anya Adams


Rachel Goldberg

Annabelle Frost

Mia Lidofsky

What is the DirectHer Program?


WeForShe’s DirectHer Program provides television industry executives with names of breakout emerging female directors who are partnered with veteran episodic directors set to guarantee their work. 


In speaking with showrunners, studio and network executives, agents and directors, we know the biggest hurdle to getting more women hired at the major episodic level comes down to the inability to risk an expensive episode on an unknown entity.


The DirectHer Program removes that risk.


The established episodic directors will guarantee the work of their teammate during key parts of production and shooting. Our established directors are volunteering their time and the credit, fees, and work will truly be that of the new female episodic director.  

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How to Nominate to the DirectHer Program?

Christine Lakin

How does one become a part of the DirectHer Program?


Directors wishing to be one of the emerging directors must be nominated to the program. Nominators can be studio executives, directors, showrunners, or other industry professionals who know their work. Candidates must have directing experience, but have yet to direct in primetime (or a full-length digital episode) on an episode of television. We are not currently looking at new nominations as we are in the process of assisting our most recent additions to the DIrectHer Program secure their first episode. The DirectHer Program is a fluid program. We do not take new participants until the majority of the current group of women have directed their first episode. To see the current DirectHer Program participants, click here. For any further questions, please email us at

What are the eligibility requirements for the DirectHer Program?


In addition to an industry nomination, emerging director candidates must be female or identify as female, should have a significant amount of industry experience (for example; 1st AD, editor, post production supervisor, network/studio diversity program participation, etc.) and have, at least, one episodic shadowing experience under their belt.

Is there a deadline for submissions?


The DirectHer Program is an ongoing initiative. While we most recently began major outreach on behalf of the first teams to emerge from our program, we will, on a continuing basis, be adding both emerging and established directors into our database and working to find the right pairings. 

How does one volunteer to become a Supervising Director?


We are always looking for Supervising Directors (both male and female) willing to volunteer their time and expertise. We strongly encourage experienced television directors to reach out to WeForShe ( directly, and we're happy to walk you through the program.

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