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Frequently Asked Questions


In our efforts to build the WriteHer List and expand the DirectHer Program, we've been asked a lot of questions that we've answered below. If you have any further questions or submissions, please don't hesitate to contact us at

WriteHer List FAQs

1. Where do the scripts on the WriteHer List come from?


Scripts/Pilots are recommended and submitted by industry professionals: development executives, executives in film and television, showrunners, directors, producers, etc. Any of these people can nominate a script except the actual writer or their representatives.

2. What formats are accepted for the WriteHer List?


The WriteHer List accepts unproduced television pilots in any genre, for primetime or digital (Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, etc.) content. Our focus is on improving the television landscape. Unfortunately we do not accept screenplays, plays, novels, or web series.

3. Who nominates scripts?


Nominations can come from any film or television executive, showrunner, producer or director. Only the writers themselves or their representation cannot nominate a script.

4. Who has access to the WriteHer List?


Contributor’s names will be kept confidential and you will be given access to the entire list one week prior to publication. After that, the WriteHer List will be made public here, on the WeForShe website. Actual scripts will not be provided. The WriteHer list will provide the name of the writer, title, representation and contact information. 

5. Are you looking for writers or scripts?


The WriteHer List is a compilation of scripts. While WeForShe wants to shine a light on quality female writers, we are looking for television pilots only.

6. Can a male-female writing team have their material submitted?


Wise man to be writing with a woman! We are happy to have nominated scripts come from male-female writing teams. As long as one of the writers is a woman and the material features strong female roles, it can be nominated.

7. Can a pilot or script be nominated that is in development?


Yes. Scripts or pilots that are in development are accepted. WeForShe does not accept scripts that have been produced.

8. What's in it for WeForShe?


A better television landscape. WeForShe is an advocacy group for women in media. The primary purpose of the WriteHer List is to raise awareness about gender imbalance in media and circulate outstanding, quality material written by women, featuring women in order to better the landscape.

DirectHer Program FAQs

1. How does one become a part of the DirectHer Program?


Directors wishing to be one of the emerging directors must be nominated to the program. Nominators can be studio executives, directors, showrunners, or other industry professionals who know their work. Candidates must have directing experience, but have yet to direct in primetime (or a full-length digital episode) on an episode of television.

2. What are the eligibility requirements for the DirectHer Program?


In addition to an industry nomination, emerging director candidates must be female, should have a significant amount of industry experience (for example; 1st AD, editor, post production supervisor, network/studio diversity program participation, etc.) and have, at least, one episodic shadowing experience under their belt.

3. Is there a deadline for submissions?


The DirectHer Program is an ongoing initiative. While we most recently began major outreach on behalf of the first teams to emerge from our program, we will, on a continuing basis, be adding both emerging and established directors into our database and working to find the right pairings. 

4. How does one volunteer to become a Supervising Director?


We are always looking for Supervising Directors (both male and female) willing to volunteer their time and expertise. We strongly encourage experienced television directors to reach out to WeForShe ( directly, and we're happy to walk you through the program.

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