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The WriteHer List is our inaugural program launched in 2015. Each year 20 original, unproduced, available pilots are selected from hundreds of nominations from industry executives and creatives. Over 100 women have been featured on our annual list, which has led to these writers finding passionate representation, being staffed, and placed into development deals. We are also very proud to have featured scripts now making their way to the small screen.

To see the 2020 WriteHer List, click HERE. For information on nomination guidelines click HERE



Since the the DirectHer Program debuted in 2015 with 10 participants, nine of those women secured their first episodic television directing job. In December 2018, we announced the 10 new women directors of the second class, and currently four have secured their first episodes! As of now, these women have gone on to direct over 70 episodes of television and two have become producing directors. 

WeForShe is committed to shining a light on immensely talented women directors and helping them secure their first episode of television. 

To see the DirectHer Program alumni, click HERE.

To see the very talented, and available for hire women of the current DirectHer Program, click HERE.

For questions regarding the DirectHer Program, click HERE.



Fed up with the dismal statistics on women creating, directing and telling stories on television and looking to make tangible change, we hatched the WriteHer List sitting around a kitchen table. Five years later, WeForShe has two successful programs and a sea of supporters who help us advocate and celebrate strong, passionate, unique female voices and share our commitment to make the television landscape more representative of the world we live in!​




WeForShe is a non-profit organization run on volunteer hours and dedication to making change, so we are always looking for support. Your tax-deductible donation goes towards running The WriteHer List and DirectHer programs and their related events, marketing, website, and organizational support. To date our efforts have impacted over 120 women writers and directors.

To make an individual donation, click HERE. For more information on sponsorship for either the WriteHer List Party, The DirectHer Program Party or our Showrunner Salon Series, please contact us at

Covid pressed pause on the list – but not the talent! There will not be a new WriteHer List this year. Instead we will be focusing on ways to educate the industry on the women featured on last year’s list. Please reach out if there is a WRITER you’d like to get to know more or to learn more about the talented writers from the WriteHer List. 

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