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Women are consistently under employed in a variety of areas in television. In an effort to improve the situation for women, WeForShe — a women’s advocacy group that strives to find practical ways to bring about a gender-balanced landscape in television — is working within the industry to figure out why and then creating the tools to overcome those barriers. Our first two tools we've created are the WriteHer List and the DirectHer Program.


WeForShe's founding members are AnnaLea Arnold, Jenni Blong, Katy McCaffrey and Claudia Maittlen-Harris. They are joined in this organization by their Advisory Board members: Jo DiSante, Mira Kite, Sharon Lawrence, Maggie Malina and Janet Tamaro.


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The WriteHer List

The WriterHer list is a go-to resource for industry-vetted, quality female-driven scripts available for television. We reach out to some of the most successful names in development (heads of networks, showrunners, directors, and producers) and ask them to submit for consideration their favorite unproduced television scripts written by women with significant roles for women.

The DirectHer Program

We know the biggest hurdle to getting more women hired at the major episodic level comes down to the inability to risk an expensive episode on an unknown entity. The DirectHer Program removes that risk.  

The established episodic directors will guarantee the work of their teammate during key parts of pre-production and shooting. Our established directors are volunteering their time and the credit, fees, and work will truly be that of the new female episodic director.  


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