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Nominations for the 5th Annual WriteHer List are closed.


Thank you for becoming part of creating this go-to resource by submitting your favorite unproduced, original television script(s) written by women for the 2019 WriteHer List. 






  • All unproduced television pilot scripts are welcome (one-hour drama, half-hour comedy, multi-cam, single-cam, limited series, etc.).

  • Script features strong female characters.

  • Single author or writing teams are fine (as long as one team member is a woman).

  • Nominations cannot be directly from the writer or writer’s representatives.

  • Nominations must come from industry professionals.

  • All nominations must be received by December 7, 2018.


Also please share this search with your talented development, director, and producer friends who might also have a great script to nominate. The more nominations per script, the better. And the more participants we have, the finer the quality of the list will be!

WeForShe evaluates material based on several criteria, including number of nominations, uniqueness of the roles given to female characters, competency of writing, diversity of the entire cast, break-out potential of the writer, and if the script passed the Bechdel Test. 

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